Corporate Social Responsibility
Suashish has a social responsibility in conducting trade and commerce. Our commitment to sustainable development is truly complete when society reaps benefits. All our stake holders should benefit. This underlying philosophy is the bedrock upon which our pillars of conduct and social accountability stand.

Unbiased and Principled Labour Services
  • Non-employment of child labour
    We at Suashish firmly believe that children should not be employed in any industry. We have taken a responsible approach in tackling such issues through our campaigns.
  • Impartial Human Resource Development Policies
    We strongly disregard gender, race, marital status, nationality or religion in evaluating performance and staff development. We promote diversity at the workplace and applicants are only considered based on competencies and qualifications
Philanthropic Activities
The company runs AIDS awareness and welfare campaigns. The group is actively committed to conducting business affairs in a way which does not cause, engage or condone conflicts and any human suffering.

The group constantly engages in a variety of Philanthropic activities like constructing community centres, dharamshalas & contributing toward animal welfare.
  • Suashish’s contribution to an animal wellfare centre spread across 500 acres.
  • Dharamshalas in Fathepur in Rajasthan
  • Community centers in Mumbai

The Ramesh Goenka Foundation has been setup as a launching pad, to promote philanthropic & social welfare activities.
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