Suashish is a world of exquisite diamonds and diamond jewellery. The company is a confluence of traditional skills in sourcing diamonds and cutting edge manufacturing processes and systems. The group has a large portfolio of customers, from established diamond houses and chains to the smallest independent on high street.

The company’s close association with localised retail markets across the globe boosts understanding key elements of demand forecasting and fashion trends. Such markets are vital sources of qualitative and quantitative data points helping us understand our customers better. Efficiencies of integrated purchasing, production and distribution have been synthesised in a way thus creating compelling jewels at affordable prices.

Suashish Diamonds Ltd. (SDL) is in the diamond and jewellery business for fifty years and is amongst an elite group of leading manufacturers and exporters of diamonds in India. The group uses its one of a kind proprietary laser technology thus ensuring every jewel is a work of superior craftsmanship. This way value addition is maximised in the manufacturing process. The group has a wide product range including prepared rough, cut and polished diamonds and proprietary diamond brands.
Provenance of Natural Diamonds & Ethical Sourcing

The group sources diamonds from some of the world’s most prestigious mines thus ensuring integrity and quality standards are met. The company has a stern view of not procuring conflict diamonds under any circumstance.

The group welcomes a global system to combat unlawful trading of conflict diamonds. Our policy is to fully support the diamond industries’ self regulation program. A notification of the Kimberley Process compliance has been dispatched to all of our major business partners and stakeholders.
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